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Business Intelligence white papers articles products news - Ultimate Business Intelligence Portal
A portal on Business Intelligence highlighting the various Business Intelligence resources and tools including Actuate, Business Objects, Hyperion, MicroStrategy,BroadVision, Inxight,IntelliVIEW, and more.. The portal includes Whitepapers, Articles, Books, ROI, Interviews with Technical and Management Experts and more on Business Intelligence, to support the Business Intelligence developers and customers. Business Intelligence is a process for increasing the competitive advantage of a business by intelligent use of available data in decision making.

Dave DeBatto: Author, Military Intelligence Analyst, Interview Guest, Public Speaker
Website of an author, journalist and media consultant for terrorism, military and intelligence issues.

Emotional Intelligence Leadership Evaluation (EILE) - Psychometric Assessment
Emotional Intelligence Leadership Evaluation (EILE) - Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessment - Emotional Intelligence Assessments - Leadership identification - Identify Leadership - Online Emotional Intelligence Assessment Evaluation - Company EQ profiles - Online Leadership Evaluation - Recruitment Assessment

Institute of Heartmath Global leader in research of decoding the hearts intelligence
The Institute of HeartMath, a nonprofit organization, is the global leader in providing self empowerment programs. By researching educational learning resources, heart rate variability monitoring, teacher stress management, developing intuition, reducing test anxiety and stress management tools, IHM has discovered and documented that there is a heart-brain communication that has a role in cognitive function.

Rajani Muraleedharan Sreekumaridevi: Sensor Networks, Swarm Intelligence, Evolutionary Alogrithm, Ant System, Resume, Wireless Commmunication, Digital Communications
study of the performance metrics, security and routing optimization for sensor networks. Implement a secure network routing strategy using evolutionary computation algorithms to optimize the routing challenges. PhD, Electrical Engineering.

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