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50'000 Prize for Compressing Human Knowledge
50'000 Prize for Compressing Human Knowledge by Marcus Hutter

A Journey Into the Mind of A Context Speaking Parrot
Incredible videos and audio of a talking parrot named Victor who had a vocabulary of more then 1000 words and understaood their meanings

Automotive Intelligence, the Web for Automotive Professionals
Automotive Intelligence, the source of information for automotive business professionals - News, Company Profiles, Management Methods, Marketing $ Sales Data, Discussion

Hidden Concepts Inc.
Mystery shopping with HiddenConcepts.COM. Mystery shopping firm providing performance evaluation services, recruitment, retention and employee performance consulting. Mystery shopping solution.

A theory of everything that includes the concept of intelligence or consciousness. This concept is gaining acclaim more and more with modern physicists. The entire text of the publication "Integrated Theory of Intelligence" being made available online, and through FREE eBook download.

Louder Than A Bomb! Software - Artificial Intelligence
Louder Than A Bomb! provides low cost tools to easily and quickly integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into applications, especially video games.

Organization Chart & Human Resource Management. Organizational Charts by HumanConcepts.
Organization Charts designed with OrgPlus dramatically help to understand your organizational structure. Web-based organizational charts allow for efficient human resource planning and aid in intelligence management.

PAMI Research Group
PAMI (Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence) is a research group at the department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada. Research areas include Knowledge Systems, Autonomous Systems, Pattern Analysis and Recognition, Image Processing and Analysis, and Machine Perception and Sensors. The PAMI group is well recognized and makes significant contributions to the fields of Machine Intelligence, Robotics, and other related areas.

Plural Concepts- Brand Engineering services, Corporate Brand Management, Corporate Identity Management, Branding Consultants, Web Identity Optimization, Logo Design, Brochure Design,India ::
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PRICAI-02 -- Seventh Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence
The Pacific Rim International Conferences on Artificial Intelligence (PRICAI) are biennial international events which concentrate on AI theories, technologies and their applications in the areas of social and economic importance for countries in the Pacific Rim. PRICAI-02 will be held at National Center of Sciences, Tokyo, Japan on August 18-22, 2002.

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