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Competitive Intelligence & Marketing Intelligence - Global Market Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence Research from and by Competitive Intelligence Professionals
Collective knowledge about market intelligence, competitive intelligence, market research and analyzis. Promote your intelligence expertise or learn at

LIFE INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH UNIVERSITY Peter Huebner - Developer of the University - Faculty of Music and Musicology, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Pythagoras, Faculty of Consciousness, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Natural_Sciences, Faculty of The Dragon, Faculty of The Veda, Faculty of Culture, Faculty of Opera and the Fine Arts, Astronomy of Mind, EQ x IQ, Scientific Research, International Experts, International_Congresses, International_Media

Lustratus Research - delivering intelligence and analysis of technology trends in software - Lustratus Research Ltd
Providing independent research and analysis of software technology trends

:: LUTH RESEARCH :: Market Research - Intelligence from knowledge™
Dedicated to excellence and innovation, Luth Research is constantly inventing new ideas and adopting new technologies to meet the needs of today’s market research industry.

Actionable Research | Innovative Marketing Intelligence
Actionable Research - The Actionable Group is a world class provider of market and customer research. From customer loyalty measurement systems to brand and market studies and more, The Actionable Group's proprietary methods deliver actionable intelligence for real bottom line value.

AdGooroo : Search Marketing Intelligence and Research
AdGooroo top features include Keyword Research, Competitors' keywords and ad copy, PPC and Natural benchmarking, Campaign Alerts and more…

Aerospace, Defense & Power Systems - Market Research, Intelligence & Consulting
Forecast International provides Market Research, Market Analysis, Intelligence and Consulting for the Aerospace / Aviation, Defense, Power Systems and Defense Electronics industries and is renowned for its unbiased approach to its research.

Ai Research - Creating a new form of life
Artificial Intelligence NV (Ai) is the world's leading AI research project, focusing on creating genuine Artificial Intelligence - the technology that enables machines to converse with humans in natural language. Based on a groundbreaking approach, Ai's technology will pass the Turing Test for machine intelligence by 2011. - Game Articles & Research - Game Articles & Research

Ambient Intelligence
Ambient Intelligence research at Kingston University

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