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It's All About The Circle - The Circular Theory - Circle is Absolute Intelligence
Conservation of Circle as Basis for Reality, Basis for Intelligence, Theory of Everything, Integration of Science and Philosophy (Religion) 'God' - Universal Mandala Relative Reality Partial Truth Opposite Approach Circle-Line Circumference-Diameter, Conservation-Symmetry, Circumference-Diameter-Pi, PI Ilexa Yardley Intuitive Intelligence Financial Intelligence Relationship Intelligence Einstein Jung Emmy Noether Galileo Columbus Plato Aristotle Hegel Form Substance Time Space Energy Mass e=mc2 is a Circle Jung Symbols Opposites Philosophical Theory of Everything Using Philosophy to Think Productively Relative Realities Partial Truth Opposite Approach Einstein Jung Thales Pythagoras Plato Aristotle Hegel World Peace Power of Attention Power of Intuition Power of Thought Philosophy Practical Philosophy Circle Circle Circle CIrcle Circle Circle Circle Circle Circle Circle Circle Circle Always the Circle

Intelligence Forum
Intelligence Forum is a private, not-for-profit organization which maintains a free electronic mailing list ( dedicated to the scholarly discussion of intelligence. Intelligence Forum has three primary goals : Taking advantage of technology and the Internet, Intelligence Forum seeks to provide scholars, professionals, and students with an international and multi-disciplinary environment in which to conduct an open dialogue on the history, theory, and practice of intelligence; Intelligence Forum is committed to providing a venue for the free exchange of ideas and seeks to increase contact among those studying intelligence in its various manifestations. We encourage scholars to discuss not only their current research interests but also new theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of intelligence; Intelligence Forum seeks to facilitate research on intelligence by updating scholars on new archival sources, evolving declassification policies, and recent publications.

International Conference on (Inter-) Enterprise Systems Theory and Theory in Action
International conference on the development and application of a formal / empirical enterprise systems theory and entailing the practice of theory in terms of (inter-) enterprise architecture, SOA, MDA, etc.

A theory of everything that includes the concept of intelligence or consciousness. This concept is gaining acclaim more and more with modern physicists. The entire text of the publication "Integrated Theory of Intelligence" being made available online, and through FREE eBook download.

Jeff Vail: Energy Intelligence
Weekly Energy Intelligence Notes and articles from the Peak Oil Law Center

Time travel, artificial intelligence, big bang theory etc. (10 Big Questions)
Investigating big bang theory, time travel, meaning of life, creation vs. evolution, artificial intelligence, life after death, extraterrestrial life, cultural relativism, ethical dilemmas, social justice

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