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The Location Intelligence Blog

All About Emotional Intelligence for Business, Education, Families, and Personal & Professional Development
A comprehensive resource for Emotional Intelligence in business, education, for families and individuals. Increase leadership, learning, and team effectiveness with research-proven emotional intelligence training and development.

Autism and Creative Intelligence
(exploring the causes of autism and creative intelligence; research on language development; offering workshops, newsletter, consultancy, productivity enhancement; more) - Strategy development, shareholder value, positioning analysis
Business planning strategy consultants specializing in valuations, CEO coaching, acquisitions, financial analysis and strategy development.

Competitive Intelligence: HUMINT Global Center for Excellence
Advanced Competitive Intelligence Skills: Strategic Thinking Road Maps, HUMINT, Negotiation, CI Project Management, Opportunity Scanning; Threat Analysis; Risk management; Psychographics; Web Mining.

Ed Stoffel - blog on intelligence, technology, society and faith.

Larry Kahaner: Corporate Speaker, Best-Selling Author
Larry Kahaner offers seminars and private consultations that sharpen corporate decisionmaking skills

Management Methods | Management Models | Management Theories
Management portal explaining 250+ methods, models and theories on strategy, performance management, finance, valuation, change, corporate governance, communication, marketing, leadership and responsibility. Value Based Management.

Oil and Natural Gas Price Data - GASearch Energy Intelligence
Natural Gas and Crude Oil Prices

SE Analyst - Search Engine Intelligence
SE Analyst - Search Engine Intelligence

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