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IQ Test Labs - free online testing.
Online free iq test - take this 10 minute quiz and get your score and testing results automatically

ITS Lessons Learned: Home
A database to provide the ITS professional community with quick and easy access to information regarding ITS deployments.

KES 2007 Conference Home Page KM Book: BRINT Institute's Book on Knowledge Management. Also ITUse: Beyond Information Technology Acquisition to Effective Information Technology Use: Achieving Effective Adoption, Utilization, and Business Performance from New Information and Communication Technologies
Having spent last 20 years or so in the design of technology-based systems, I believe that technology is the easier part of the knowledge management equation... or any management equation. The more challenging parts are keeping technology, as well as the business processes and business models built upon it, in sync with the radically changing business environment and the evolving psyche of modern organizations and modern knowledge workers. Important questions that most enlightened CEOs, CIOs and CFOs must ask their delegates include: 'How are investments in new technologies justified?' 'Why our systems do not deliver the expected business performance outcomes?' 'What are the critical success factors necessary for technology based systems to deliver the expected business performance outcomes?' 'How can new information technologies and information systems facilitate adaptability of business models and business processes to prevent business failure?' This online book would hopefully help you track these 'vital indicators' before, while, and after you implement the information technologies and systems to ensure that they do not get relegated to the heap of 'project failures' and 'missed targets' that increasingly characterize the landscape of organizational transformation.

KNOVA Software Knowledge Management for the contact center, web self-service, and technical support
Knowledge-empowered self-service, contact center, and peer support applications that automate the most critical part of customer service actually resolving the case, not just tracking it. KNOVA - Delivering an Intelligent Customer Experience.

Knowledge Management, Business Management, Technology Management, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Financial Analysis, Financial Markets, Stock Markets Research, Company Research, Industry Research, Marketing Research, Shopping Comparison, Comparison Shopping, Product Research, Price Comparison, Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligenc, Decision Support System
Business Technology Knowledge Management Research, Financial Analyses of Stocks Companies Markets, Product Shopping Price Comparison Research

Knowledge Management, Data Intelligent Technologies -
Knowledge Management, Data Intelligent Technologies -

Meta-Knowledge Engineering and Management Server for Intelligent Socio-Cognitive Systems
ENEA sc. research server. Unified view on Knowledge Engineering and Management, generic paradigms meta-knowledge definitions, high-intelligence viewpoint

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