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ABCs of Self Help - Personality Tests, Mental Health Care Help
Self-help improvement site featuring psychology tests including: daily IQ, love, purity, emotional intelligence and personality. Mental Health Selfhelp.

Attitudes: key to Health, Happiness & Longevity
Research-proven attitude tests predict future health with amazing accuracy, identify unhealthy mental habits. Free one-year self-help program.

Health Information & Medical Information from Harvard Health
Get the latest health information from the experts at Harvard Medical School, your source for women's health information, men's health information, mental health or heart health medical information. Register now for your FREE e-newsletter. Mental Health Communities
Comprehensive information on psychological disorders and psychiatric medications. Support groups, psychological tests, online diaries, mental health news, mental health videos, more.

Mind and Visual Puzzles!
For active minds and brain-teaser enthusiasts: play, create or solve intriguing puzzles; tackle tricky math problems; discover new optical illusions. Tests, Tests, Tests and more Tests, The biggest testing center in the world with personality, intelligence, relationship, career and mental health related tests.
A pioneer and leader in online testing, Queendom offers professional quality psychological tests, assessments and quizzes, giving readers the opportunity to look into their own personality, relationships, intelligence and health. Queendom has served more than 300 million tests in nine different languages to help you grow, jump-start your career and improve your relationships. But we do not stop there. We offer advice, community, surveys and trivia quizzes on every subject imaginable - all ways to learn and explore what it means to be human.

The Mental Edge - Large Screen Entry Point
The Mental Edge consists of fifty-eight in-depth reviews that cover all core subjects, grades three through twelve. The reviews are coordinated with all major textbooks and will match day-to-day class activities. They help students retain and remember the information on which they will be tested. The reviews are easy to use, fun to take, and best of all they are free on the Internet. Anyone interested in higher test scores or preparing for tests in less time can make good use of this site.

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