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Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
CollabNet, Facilitating Collaborative Software Development

Electronic dictionaries talking language translators he most intelligent way of communications
Language Teacher and Franklin electronic dictionaries. Palm & handheld electronic dictionaries, language translation software & other discounted products related to languages. The most intelligent way of communications -

Free Vocabulary Builder
Interlex is a free vocabulary builder that helps you learn words and phrases in over 30 languages.

Intelligent Agent
My mission is to identify new quality business sources, link to breaking business information industry news, and facilitate thoughtful discussion on both.

Intelligent Dressing Home Page
Intelligent Dressing is the art & science of influencing others subliminally. Get others onside before you even speak.

International Journal of Hybrid Intelligent Systems
IJHIS Web Page

K and K+ - Php Doorway Gateway pages Generator - A.I. Automatic Natural text generation - Beyond Markov Chain
A brand new approach to pseudo natural language automatic page generation

Translation Experts - Spanish translation French translation German translation translate translator dictionary
Language translation software, translate web pages, translation of e-mail, messages, language translator for manuals and books.

x86 Assembly Programmers, Machine Code, Embedded Firmware, Programming Consultancy
We are the x86 assembly experts with 20 years experience programming solely in assembly! We can solve your low level system software/firmware problems. Not only we're not afraid of programming in assembly like everyone else is, we actually LOVE it!

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