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Acquired Intelligence Knowledge Acquisition & Engineering
Acquired Intelligence specializes in knowledge acquisition for knowledge-based (expert system) applications. Our stand-alone or Web-based expert system software applications encapsulate your business rules to improve your administration, operations, client services or customer support.

Acuity Market Intelligence - Emerging Technology Strategic Consulting, Biometrics Industry Market Research, Frecasts, Analysis
Acuity Market Intelligence provides targeted industry insight and market analysis for emerging technology markets. Acuity publishes monthly reports, generates custom research and analysis and provides strategic market-development consulting services. Acuity's current focus is on the burgeoning field of Biometrics. Acuity bridges the gap between information and actionable insight.

Advanced Intelligence (Spy Shop) World's smallest wireless CCD video camera !spy, spy video, spy camera, spy cameras, spy gear, spy products, spy pen, spy, spy, spy, spy, cctv, closed circuit television, wireless, surveillance,
World's smallest! wireless! CCD videocamera!! Powered by a 9volt battery!!Pin hole lens as seen in the movieTRUE LIES!... and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!...Very good for peepinganywhere...(plug n play no installation required).

Africa Intelligence : First professional web site about AFRICA

Ai Research - Creating a new form of life
Artificial Intelligence NV (Ai) is the world's leading AI research project, focusing on creating genuine Artificial Intelligence - the technology that enables machines to converse with humans in natural language. Based on a groundbreaking approach, Ai's technology will pass the Turing Test for machine intelligence by 2011.

Prisoners of War and Missing In Action, POW MIA

All About Emotional Intelligence for Business, Education, Families, and Personal & Professional Development
A comprehensive resource for Emotional Intelligence in business, education, for families and individuals. Increase leadership, learning, and team effectiveness with research-proven emotional intelligence training and development.

Arkitipô | Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science at The University of Georgia
Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing at the University of Georgia

Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Entertainment Conference
Information on the AIIDE 2007 Conference.

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